How To Choose A Refrigerator To Buy

How To Choose A Refrigerator To Buy

Some tips on buying a refrigerator. While we are dedicated to reviews of the best side by side refrigerators, we recognize that these may not always fit your needs.

Here is a quick rundown on some tips:

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Some Tips On Utilizing Your Refrigerator Properly

A fun article we came across to help you get the most out of your fridge, whether your normal regular fridge, French Door Fridge, or side by side fridge! And don’t froget to check out our list of best side by side refrigerators !

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Extended Third Party Warranties: Avoid Them When Buying A Fridge

When you go to the store (or online) and buy that large appliance, the “extended warranty” from the reseller (not the manufacturer) inevitably comes up as an option to buy. It always sounds really good. For pennies, you get a lot of protection. Worth it? We don’t think so

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Tips For Buying A Refrigerator

A neat little article on Angie’s List has popped up on how to buy a refrigerator. As usual we recommend such guides and then checking out bestseller lists as a starting point (like our list of best side by side refrigerators). Here are some tips:

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Refrigerator Looks Through The Years

Neat blog post on Tulsa World about a GE Interview per Prezi about the looks that appliances and refrigerators have gone through over the years.

GE released a prospective on refrigerators and appliances for the last 100 years. From a sociological perspective it is quite interesting to think about what was going on at that time to drive that color and look as the look of the day so to speak.

It’s almost like modern archaelogy with a possible history that is fresh in our mind. Definitely a fun article to take a look at.

Similar to what one comedian once said about our current litigous society

“What will they think of when they see warnings on our cups of coffee saying ‘Caution! Contents are Hot’? They’re going to think we were morons! LOOK LOOK they’ll say. They needed reminders on their cups that the coffee was hot as if holding it didn’t tell them anything”

Well, I’m sure we won’t think the previous years societies are dumb: but it’s just a joke I think about when I see these types of fun little articles.